About What Spot Now

With What Spot Now’s live views and realtime updates, consumers can check out what’s happening at their favorite restaurants, bars, cafés, and coffee shops before they go, and get access to exclusive promotions. You’ve seen the ranting & raving of online reviews, seen the stale websites, so next time you're trying to decide where to go, be your own judge: check it out by taking a live peek at the action. Seeing is believing with What Spot Now.

For business owners, What Spot Now is a marketing tool that allows consumers to connect with your business in a powerful way. Our special wifi-enabled SpotCam™ cameras install in seconds, and it's easy to plug What Spot Now into your existing website and social media presence, as well as customize your presence in our mobile apps. Making your site more than just a static name, address, and phone number, our patent pending software monitors your cameras and automatically makes promotions available whenever business is slow.

What Spot Now was founded in July 2009 by Luke Sontag, Kiyo Kubo, Nick Farina, and Ryan Livesay.



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